Annual Assessment

The Annual Assessment for 2020 is $814 and was payable in full by January 1, 2020.

Special Assessment

There is no Special Assessment planned for 2020.  A Special Assessment was raised in 2017 for $2,500 for the purchase of 32.5 acres of waterfront land from the LCRA.  This was payable in full or by 5 annual installments of $500.  The remaining two installments are payable by January 10 annually or in full on sale or transfer of property.

Resale Certificate and Transfer Fees

All sales or transfers of real estate within Ridge Harbor, and a limited number of properties on CR414 who previously elected to be part of Ridge Harbor, require a Resale Certificate and must pay a Transfer Fee.  If in doubt as to whether a pending transaction is part of Ridge Harbor please contact us.

Please email to request a Resale Certificate.

We realize that realtors provide a form to prospective purchasers where they can indicate whether they want a Resale Certificate or not. The cost of a Resale Certificate or a simple Statement of Account is the same and we will only issue Resale Certificates.

The certificate and attachments will be emailed within 24-48 hours of the inquiry. The Transfer Fee is currently $300, payable on Closing.

Expedited Resale Certificate

If an expedited Resale Certificate is requested, please note in the email. An additional $50 will be added for expediting.

Prior to Closing

Please contact us at or by calling 512.686.3391 3 days prior to closing for any updates regarding the resale certificate.


  • On Closing we require you to send us the following:
  • A check for the Transfer Fee, $300, and any other amount owing as shown in the Resale Certificate
  • A copy of the Warranty Deed
  • Legibly completed New Property Owner Form.