Real Estate Signs

Ridge Harbor real estate signs are on file and can be ordered at one of the following two companies:

*Order signs online with Stokes HERE.


The sign companies require art to be proofed once realtor specific information is provided. Delivery times vary.

Note: All real estate signs must be placed in a full black metal frame.

Gate Entry

On being appointed an agent for a property owner, on request, you will be issued a gate code to enable you to access Ridge Harbor. This code must not be published anywhere and if you share with other realtors they must also agree not to publish.

When providing the code to prospective buyers you may only do so if you have verified name and contact information for them.  Again, other realtors must agree to this.

Open Houses

Please contact the Property Manager at to discuss details regarding open houses.

Short Term Rentals

Following a vote of the members in April 2019, rentals for periods of less than 30 days are no longer permitted anywhere within Ridge Harbor